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MPA Records Management

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Records Management

The specialist services offered are segmented into:
General archive for inactive records
Physical Storage and management of inactive
     hardcopy information

Quick-time retrieval for fast information access
Records & Doc-movement tracking

Active file management
Bar coding active files for comprehensive inventory
Efficient tracking and accurate single-file retrieval

Computer Media
Physical storage and management of electronic information
     for a sound business continuity plan (contingency plan) in a
     controlled environment

Daily rotation of backed-up media

Appraisal and sentencing of records for the retention period
Indexing and cataloguing of records
Managing records retention & destruction dates

Destruction Service
Monitoring destroy dates so records are not kept longer than

Secure records disposal under your authorized personnel’s

Other Services
Security documents – managing vital records in a high security

Information conversion – Imaging and Computer Output to
     Laser disc (COLD)

Escrow – a third party agent to manage propriety software

Secured vaulting – rental of high security strong room

MPA Records Management was established as a result of industry specialists and corporate professionals whose strength is the ability to interpret business needs and understand the market’s security requirements.

In today’s fast-paced global world of commerce, the ability to maintain data securely, retrieve information quickly and utilize the data efficiently, is reflective of an organization’s capability in meeting market changes. It’s clientele ranges from financial institutions, insurance providers, stockbrokers, legal and accounting firms, manufacturing, trading, engineering and construction companies, oil and gas corporations, hospitals and government agencies