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Physical Guarding

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We perform functions similar to those of police, but with limitations, and only for property we protect. MPA and local police work together under a government licensing agreement to fight crime. We are in fact their eyes and ears helping locate missing persons, stolen property and report street crime intelligence.

MPA offers a wide range of tailored made security and safety related services. We know that each industry has its own specific security needs and concerns. We conduct a thorough survey of your property, review past security events and design security programs to harden your security, deter and prevent crime.

MPA provides professional security for:

Shopping Malls
VIPs - Celebrities
Event Security

MPA staff recruitment and training

All new recruits are carefully selected and go through a tough screening process that includes a police backing-round check, finger printing, medical check, drug abuse check and biographic check. All security personnel records are maintained in confidence by MPA, the police and our clients.

After completing this process, security officer candidates are put through a rigorous physical training course to test their ability to work as a team and counter threats they may experience on the job. All students are required to successfully pass a wide range of security training modules to include fire prevention, criminal detection, self defense, first aid, traffic control, crowd control, diplomacy, report writing, effective communications and use of security related tools and equipment.

duties and responsibilities

Candidates that successfully graduate from our training academy are then uniformed and fully equipped to handle their specific duties and responsibilities. These duties and responsibilities vary widely from client-to-client. Below is a list of some of the different types of duties our security officers perform:

Inspecting vehicles entering and leaving a premises
Controlling staff, visitor, contractor and vendor entrances and exits
Processing visitor entry documentation and providing accurate security information in log books.
Conducting visitor escorts to and from departments
Monitoring maintenance and construction workers, especially those using flammable liquids, acetylene    torches, etc..c
Controlling vehicle traffic and parking
Operating security control and response centers
Conducting investigations
Providing rapid response to emergencies
Prevent and control workplace violence
Dispensing first aid in the event of a medical emergency
Managing material control documents
Verifying employee identification
Screening package and mail for explosive devices
Enforcing company security regulations and policies

work shifts

Our clients are able to choose the best work shift hours to meet your requirements. MPA's standard shift hours are as follows:

1. Standard Eight Hour Shift Operation:
A. Shift: 0600 to 1400 hours
B. Shift: 1400 to 2200 hours
C. Shift: 2200 to 0600 hours

2. Standard Twelve Hour Shift Operation:
D. Shift: 0600 to 1800 hours
E. Shift: 1800 to 0600 hours